Rainbow International Children's Hospital
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Executive Summary

Rainbow International Children’s Hospital is a proposed specialized regional Children’s Hospital project in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The children’s hospital will be a quality and comprehensive medical facility, designed and developed with the sole objective of fulfilling unique healthcare requirements young population of the country. It has a vision of increasing regional medical service standards by offering the most advanced medical care and also a caring environment for the individualized need of the young people.

The children’s facility will be located in new development area of Dubai, a dynamic business hub of the Middle East.

It will be the super-specialized children’s facility in the region, and it will focus on providing quality treatment and rehabilitation facilities for the young population of the entire UAE and neighboring GCC and other countries of the region.

The children’s hospital will not be just another pediatric facility but its unique role and mission will be evolved, well beyond its commitment to treat and help children in their future development and to integrate higher values of ethical nurturing.

Mission and Vision

To meet the specialized healthcare needs of the young people of the region by providing comprehensive, high quality medical care, through an integrated delivery system, in a financially and ethically responsible manner.

"My vision for Dubai is to make it a world-renowned healthcare facility by 2010, with a specialized center of comprehensive medical services of highest international standards." - Vice-President and the Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai HH Shaikh Mohammad

Project Description

The unique children’s medical facility will be a newest value addition to the family of existing modern general hospitals in the UAE. A fully equipped and professionally staffed quality facility with a non-threatening and children friendly environment is the need of an ever expanding population base that not only demand but also can afford the cost of quality treatment through a planned mandatory medical insurance system.

In addition to providing the best medical care, the medical facility will be committed to improve child comfort, safety and parental satisfaction. Thanks to the prosperity that the UAE has achieved over the last decades, local tradition and culture has well immersed itself into the new economy through social and economical evolution. The local population is rising fast as the national families are growing bigger with a larger number of children per family. A phenomenon synonymous to most Arab countries, a rapid growth in young population is being observed accompanied with an increase in health problems caused by modern development and prosperous society such as obesity, diabetes, cancer, genetic diseases, etc.

The expatriate population (which constitutes more than 80% of the total UAE population) is mainly engaged in economic activities of trade and business or own their residential properties, too demand and can afford the high quality care needed for their children.

The Concept and Opportunity

The children need more than simply the best health care. The concept of an independent and freestanding children hospital complex is a proven model successfully established in many countries.

The concept of Hospital is the highest standard of care which will cater to the needs of the large children population of UAE and neighboring countries, which constitutes more than 30% of the total population.

Besides healing, providing cures and quality care, the Hospital facility will lead the fight against many social pathologies threatening children, including violence, abuse, tobacco and drug use, inadequate parenting skills and lack of access to appropriate health care and nutrition.

Non-threatening, Safe and Children-friendly Environment

A prominent feature of the hospital will be its unique outlook with cheerful colors, greenery, landscaping and a non-threatening and children-friendly environment. Care, safety, comfort and easy access to children are the non-compromising features in planning and design. The design, construction and environment will put children and their families at ease to minimize the stress of hospitalization.

Dubai – the city of opportunities and development

The children’s referral facility concept has a tremendous potential in Dubai. A beautiful modern city of business and hospitality in the Middle East, Dubai is attracting both tourists and resident families from all across the region and the world.

Dubai is not only a world-class family holiday destination with safe, clean and efficient infrastructure but also a place with innovative major family events like Dubai Shopping Festival, City that Cares, Dubai Summer Surprises, and mega recreational projects like DubaiLand etc.

All without exception, GCC member states constitutes a natural market for the UAE, by virtue of their geographical proximity, common language, culture and the ease of travel either by road or by air.

Besides GCC families, a large number of children from European countries, who will require rehabilitation and treatment in warm climate especially in winter months and summer holidays will be treated and rehabilitated in the medical facility.

Dubai Healthcare City

Dubai is citing a healthcare expenditure of $74 billion for the region with a population of 1.8 billion as the prime mover of its hub idea. Furthermore, patients from the region seeking treatment abroad are estimated to be spending as much as $12 billion a year. Dubai plans to rope in $2 billion within two years after DHCC facility becomes fully functional.

The Market

A clearly defined market segment of the young population of Dubai, entire UAE and neighboring GCC countries constitute population of more than 10 Million, including both the national and expatriate families.

The direct target will be population of Dubai and adjacent cities of Sharjah and Ajman. The current UAE population is approx. 4 Million.

Local authorities expect more than 1,000,000 new resident families in Dubai’s new development areas in coming years, supported by ambitious projects such as Dubai Marina, The Palm Islands, Dubailand, and many other prime property development projects. These properties, which are available for foreigners for freehold or long-term lease for the first time in UAE are highly attractive for families because of Dubai’s world-class infrastructure and facilities, safe and friendly environment, social acceptance and tolerance, low crime rate and positive economic outlook.

Market Niche

Focus will be on the all-income groups of both national and expatriate families as the target families include all income groups as they are not only capable but also demand quality personalized care for their loved ones.

Federal UAE Government’s and also GCC policy of mandatory medical insurance for all the expatriate residence will compel all families to seek only the best quality healthcare locally with out the need for traveling abroad. The number of patients traveling to US has dropped significantly in last few years. Still, thousands of government sponsored national and private patients are traveling each year to EU countries, India, Iran, Thailand, Philippines, Pakistan to get the qualified treatment and rehabilitation. The proposed hospital will provide a preferable alternative and minimize the requirement of traveling abroad for both cost and higher consultation purposes.


Competitors are the existing and upcoming general Hospitals, which do not provide specialized and dedicated care to children and other new upcoming projects in Dubai healthcare City. The concept of comprehensive care and services dedicated only to children is the unique proposition of the project. The hospital will work in co-operation with all existing medical facilities as the apex institution for pediatric care and excellence in the region. Strategic relationships will be created with all general hospitals, converting them from competitors to enablers of the children’s hospitals’ success.

The UAE healthcare industry has undoubtedly entered a maturing phase in which certain competition will be intense, therefore strategic decision making and prospective marketing will be the key factor for success. The market leaders will be those who successfully differentiate their product, services and brand associations by developing effective perceived benefits and offering value for money besides quality and dedicated care.

To some extent, the establishment of such a facility will create its own natural demand. The hospital project, with its prestigious associations, will bring in families through its own referral and direct marketing system. The capacity will also create opportunities for new client base.


Both Dubai based families and practicing pediatricians surveyed have optimistically and enthusiastically supported the children’s facility project. The study shows that the parents are willing and able to pay the cost for the best services for their children locally and next door rather than travel to foreign countries.

Management Team

A healthcare group has been identified, and has entered into formal agreement to act as the project manager and upon commissioning they will be entrusted with the day-to-day management of the hospital. The group is technically superior and has built an enviable reputation through 30 years of experience.


Dr. Dinesh Acharya, a qualified Neuro-physician, conceived and developed the idea of specialized Children’s Hospital five years ago. He has been working with full time dedication for researching, developing and identifying the potentials of the project. During the course of developing the project, Dr. Acharya has worked with reputed institutions such as John Hopkins Medical University and many other institutions.

Future Plans

An expansion of the hospital capacity to 500 beds within the next 10 years is envisaged. Thus, this hospital facility shall become not only a major pediatric institution and centre for regional excellence but also a brand name in global child healthcare industry.

Investment Outline

The total cost of the Project is Euro 125 M (Euro One Hundred Twenty Five Millions) for Construction of the Hospital complex and Furnishing, Equipping and Commissioning.

Project Highlights

  • The children’s hospital project is unique as the first referral hospital dedicated to the needs of the children in the GCC. This will be a paperless and filmless hospital optimizing transference of technology and knowledge from leading global medical institutions, which will provide the highest level of service and the latest in the pediatrics.
  • The Hospital will operate as an apex regional institution for pediatrics in association with major medical facilities of the region with out creating competition. Childcare packaged with Dubai’s hospitality industry will create a highly favourable proposition.
  • Fast growing population and high-occupancy rates in existing medical facilities in UAE and shortage of specialized beds especially for children increases the potential of the Hospital.
  • With systematic emphasis in healthcare and education as part of the world-class infrastructure development and with its existing and planned medical facilities, Dubai is destined towards establishing itself as the center for medical excellence in the region. For the first time, children from the region and European countries will be treated in a local Hospital and there will be no need to send children aboard for a majority of treatments.
  • Mandatory medical insurance requirement by the Federal Government will create a vast market for the proposed quality children’s hospital.
  • Specialized and dedicated healthcare to children is still a goal to reach even for the resource rich society of UAE and neighboring countries. As heavy government spending is not bringing required quality, confidence and results, the UAE government is aggressively encouraging privatization in the healthcare sector.


    The Rainbow International Children’s Hospital will be a regional pediatric institution of excellence serving the large and rapidly increasing youth population of the region. The project has unique strategic and executional advantages for achieving planned success and is not only a commercially viable project, but also a socially conscious and responsible one.


    Dr. Dinesh Acharya MD(Hons.), MD(Neuro.)
    Project Proponent

    PO Box 25119
    Dubai, United Arab Emirates